About Eat Beeps



Eat Beeps was created by the founders of TheDailyClassifieds.com (TDC). TDC is a 10 year old on-line classifieds and Marketing Services company with offices in several states. Lessons learned through the classifieds business has pointed our company in the direction of a geo-targeted (channeled) information delivery system. We also decided that after 10 years of working in the sterile environment of the classifieds world we would have a little fun by creating a site that delivers a serious message with a sense of humor.
Hence the birth of the BEEPS!  

A BEEP is a consolidation of of Tweets (small messages) about the same subject. Example: Why follow 50 individual restaurants on Twitter when you can go to one source and view the refined results from all 50 eateries? You just want to know “What’s For Lunch” you don’t need a second job searching 50 websites.  

Twitter is a great service but becomes cumbersome to those that don’t want the commitment to “follow” a person or a business. So, The Bird Brains decided to offer their BEEPS both on Twitter and a Traditional website platform. On top of that we decided to refine the results further by offering Tweets only about Specials, New Menu Items, and Discount offers. We do throw in a little information about neighborhood events. Visit any neighborhood page on the Eat Beeps website and you will fine complete information about all the participating restaurants including video, display advertising and blog posts. To enhance the neighborhood information we have also added links to each Eat Beeps page that connect consumers to the classifieds ads that pertain to that neighborhood.

How Does Eat Beeps Benefit the Restaurant Owner?

 Eat Beeps was designed to offer small businesses an affordable, effective, consistent and track-able way to market their business. In the past advertising has been a guessing game for the small business which resulted most of the time in a low rate of return. Our system affords a restaurant the luxury of sending a instant message about their Daily Specials to hungry people at a time when they are deciding where to eat. Advertising doesn’t get more targeted than this.

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We also pride ourselves with the fact that we have humans answer our our customer service phones so please call us if you have any questions, Toll-free at 877-489-8250.

Bird Food

Definition of a BEEP: A BEEP is a whole bunch of Tweets (small messages) about
the same subject. “A BEEP makes a bigger Noise than a Tweet”

There is a Tweet and there is a BEEP! A BEEP is a trademark and not to be used by any of those Road Runner types – Beep Beep…

Who are the Eat Beeps?

The EAT BEEPS , Bud & Davette, fly out every day and gather Food & Drink Specials from local establishments.
They bring these specials back to the nest, uhh, we mean website, so you can easily find out “what’s cookin'” in your part of town. They do this from early morning to sundown, too dangerous to fly at night, making trip after trip relentlessly carrying back those heavy specials so us humans can stuff ourselves and save a few bucks.

EAT BEEPS – Rare Birds

The EAT BEEPS are from the DAILY BEEPS family. Although rare, these birds are easily identified by the bright yellow hardhats worn by the males. The female EAT BEEPS are more colorful and can be instantly identified by their crop-top tee shirts and red hair. They are indigenous to Tennessee but are rumored to be migrating to other states.

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